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Welcome to Factory Direct Furniture.

F.D.F is a lounge and sofa manufacture that sells direct to the public. We make it on site in our factory. We offer the best quality possible at FAIR prices with NO middle man or retail add on’s.

Retailers, whether buying from a local manufacture or importing, add 100% to the supplier’s price (and in a lot of cases more than 100%) to arrive at their prices to you. For instance a $1000 dollar lounge from me, brought through a retailer, would cost you up to $2199.

You pay close to the price the retailer would pay before their margin is added. It is worth noting that even the “up to 50% off sales” that retailers try to “snow” you with are dearer than factory direct prices for the same product. In a lot of cases the retailer “loads” up their original selling price so that they can offer the huge discounts at a later date. We personally don’t believe that many of the discounts are genuine – but even if they are then our opinion is that factory direct prices are better for the same product anyway.

The extra benefits (apart from cutting out the retail margin) are that you can you choose the fabric you want, the colour you want, the cushioning you want (soft, medium hard) and the feet you want. On top of all that choice we will build your lounge in any combination you require…..chair, 2 seater, 2.5 seater, 3 seater, settees with chaises, with sofa beds, as corners, corners with chaises, etc, etc - plus ottomans and scatters.

F.D.F is a proud member of the Queensland Furniture Industries Association. We abide willingly by their code of conduct. We do not compromise on quality and yet, because we don’t have the big retailer’s overheads, we can deliver a genuine cost saving for a better product.

  • Dymanfoams is our parent company which provides the onsite manufacturing and our foam.

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  • Dear Customer, Welcome to Factory Direct Furniture. Take your time. Buying a lounge or a bed is a very important decision you should not rush. Relax, take photos, ponder and ask for advice – we would love to help.

    We are NOT a retailer in the general sense. We are a MANUFACTURER who sells direct to the public.

    We are different from other outlets because ......

    .............what you see is only a sample of what we do or what we can do. In a retail store what you see is what you get but with us you can buy what you see OR you can make changes. If you see a corner suite you like but want a 2 or 3 seater instead of the corner we can do this. If you like a design but the seating is too soft or too hard we can change the feel. If you like a design but the colour doesn't suit we can change the fabric. If you like the design but it doesn't quite fit the space you have we can make the lounge bigger or smaller. We can change the width of the arms, we can offer a range of different feet on any lounge, we can offer foam OR fibre backs and we can scotch guard for extra protection. We can put a sofa bed in most designs - even corners. We can do all designs with or without a chaise. We can make each chaise fixed or reversible. We can colour coordinate so that the scatters or ottoman can match in with your curtains or floor.

    We can do this because we MAKE IT. Our products are made in the very factory you are standing in OR, if not, they are made in other Queensland factories by fellow Queenslanders. *

    Before you buy a lounge - whether from us or others ......

    There are many important things to remember when considering a lounge but there are three critical things to be aware of ......a) the frame b) the cushioning and c) the fabric.

    Our frames are commercial grade frames. All joins are nailed AND glued and all corners are braced. Where importers use 25mm timber we use 50mm. Where they put cardboard on the arms we use timber. Our frames are built so that we don't get them back. Make sure you know how the frame has been made before you buy a lounge. The last thing you want is for the frame to break - and believe me a lot do. Without a strong heavy frame your lounge will not last.

    Our cushioning is made from high quality 35 density premium foam. The Australian standard (although rarely enforced) is 30 density. This means our foams are significantly above the required standard and, as a consequence, will last longer and be more comfortable than what is in most furniture (particularly imported). Where fibre is used it is high quality siliconised fibre sewn in covers with pockets to avoid sagging. If the cushioning is not high density it CANNOT and WILL NOT last.

    Our fabrics. Fabrics can make a lounge appear cheap and of great value when, in reality, it can be just the opposite. Fabrics can range from the cheap and very "nasty" $2.00 or $3.00 per meter range through to more than $100.00 per meter. We do not use or sell any fabrics under $10.00 per meter as what you will most likely get in the under $10.00 range is problems.

    A retail trick is to use cheap fabric to advertise a cheap price. Fabric can make a huge difference to the cost of a lounge and a major difference to the quality. A 2 seater, for example, requires approximately 10 meters of fabric in its construction. So if the lounge has $2.00 fabric the cost to the manufacturer of that fabric is $20.00. If, on the other hand, the fabric is $25.00 per meter then the cost to the manufacturer in the construction is $250.00......a whopping difference of $230.00 at COST (and somewhere near $400.00 to $500.00 at retail level!!!!). Imagine the difference on a corner suite where the meterage is nearer to 30 meters - up to $1500.00 difference at retail. Discount retailers often supply lounges in cheap and nasty fabric and then advertise a cheap price and tell you what a wonderful deal you will get from their store. I doubt it. Generally you get exactly what you pay for. If it is cheap in price it is usually cheap in quality as well.

    Ensure that any lounge you are looking at has at least a reasonable fabric. Get the fabric type and search it on the internet.

    From Factory Direct Furniture you will get a quality product built of the best materials by Queensland tradesmen and women.

    Other information you should consider ......

    Apart from the critical 3 areas of a lounge you need to also think about warranty........not a warranty where you need to return it to the retail store at your own cost, have them assess it and, if there is something wrong with it, incur more cost for the delivery of the replacement with the replacement being more of the same. We offer a warranty whereby we come to you at OUR cost and fix the lounge at OUR expense if the fault is ours.

    The cushion support system. This needs to be strong. We use Black Cat webbing which is the best on the market and comes with a 10 year warranty.

    You need (should) care about the materials your lounge is made from. Our timbers come from sustainable forests, our foams are made in the most environmentally friendly factories in the world and cause, unlike most of the imported lounges, minimal damage to our environment.

    Our workers are trained and professional and work in a clean and sanitised disease free environment.

    No products are contaminated with formaldehyde.

    Our Company is a proud member of Furniture Australia (the National and Queensland Association) and abides by their Code of Conduct and we are accountable at all times for everything we do.

    We are members of and support our local Community.




    Letter from the Managing Director
  • Welcome to Brisbane's newest and finest Factory Direct Furniture store. I'd like to thank you for taking the time to look at our website and would also like to personally invite you to visit our store and to impress you with the quality for price products and service we offer.

    I believe our store offers a unique experience/opportunity in Brisbane. We are a genuine factory direct outlet with 90% of our products made on site in our own factory and the balance made by other local manufacturers who's products are worthy of support.

    Question - are you sick of brown, brown, brown and brown colours when trying to buy a lounge piece? Question - are you sick and tired of buying a lounge piece that is built using products and labour based on the cheapest price not what should be used? Question - are you sick and tired of buying furniture that with every purchase another blow is dealt to our environment? Question - are you sick and tired of buying furniture where the retailer doesn't add anything except about half the actual cost of the item in their overhead and profit "grab"?

    If you are then our unique experience will delight you.

    We make the furniture how you want it, in the colours you want, made by fellow Australians and using the best products available - whilst all the while having regard and respect for the environment. We use timber from sustainable forests, our cushion support system is the absolute best on offer and our cushioning is top end premium foam bacterially treated and endorsed by the Asthma Foundation. You can choose the fabric and colour and my staff understand our furniture - and are happy to discuss your options.

    There is no compromise on quality. There is no compromise on warranty.

    Factory Direct Furniture is, in my opinion, unique................I hope you accept my invitation to visit. I am sure it will be a rewarding experience that you will be pleased to tell your family and friends about.

    Kind Regards

    Kevin Feldman
  • We make the furniture how you want it, made by fellow Australians and using the best products available. We use timber from sustainable forests, our cushion support system is the absolute best on offer and our cushioning is top end premium foam bacterially treated and endorsed by the Asthma Foundation.

    You can choose the fabric and colour and we are happy to discuss your options. There is no compromise on quality and on warranty.
    Serving custom sofas and furniture to Queendland located in and around Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Nationwide where Delivery is Available. We sell our furniture direct to the public. Factory direct furniture build lounges brisbane.