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We have a stunning array of fabrics available in a variety of colours. We can manufacture each piece according to your unique design specifications. We have relationships with some of the top fabric suppliers in Australia so if there’s a specific grain or colour you are chasing, we will certainly have contacts to source it for you.

Fabric Quality

People often ask us to explain the difference in fabrics - why is one type of fabric $10.00 per metre (or less) and another $40.00 per metre (or more)? It is an important question because the cost of the fabric has a huge influence on BOTH the price and longevity of the lounge.

Obviously the answer to the price difference is quality...but what determines "quality"?

There are many things that come into play when assessing the quality of fabric - things such as the amount of yarn used, the type of yarn used, the quality of workmanship of the dye house used, the type of dye used, the weaving pattern, the type of backing used, the feel of the fabric and the look of the fabric.




There are so many things that should be considered – if you are not an expert it may become confusing.

How do you make sure that the money you are investing in your lounge is being invested wisely?


Firstly - determine who the fabric supplier is? Are they reputable? This becomes easy to answer if the lounge is made in Australia. Suppliers such as Warwick Fabrics, Profile Fabrics and other Australian based suppliers are reputable Companies that stand behind the products they sell.

These suppliers work with local manufacturers to make sure that you can buy with confidence and ensure the fabrics used are suitable for the purpose intended.

Secondly - It is important to know that different fabrics are needed in different use is not a "one size fits all" scenario. Fabrics that come in from overseas already upholstered on lounges carry risk. This is because the overseas manufacturer chooses the fabric without knowing the customers end requirement for the lounge.

Generally, this leads to them selecting the cheapest fabric and so the risk to the end customer (you) increases. How do they know who will buy the lounge and what the daily usage will be for that lounge? The answer is that they don't know. So hint number two.... have a full understanding of the amount of use your new lounge will get and choose the fabric best suited - it is really important to do so.


Thirdly - polyester, or other man-made fibres, are stronger, last longer and are more easily cleaned.

Lastly - local fabric suppliers and local manufacturers support their products.

For peace of mind buy Australian made products - the benefits are REAL

The following is a simple explanation that may assist you to select the fabric best suited to your needs...

Each fabric can be put into one of 4 basic categories:


(NOT being used
every day - a
decorative piece)


(basic daily usage
- an older
couple’s home)


(high daily usage
- units, office areas or
large family situation)


(medium daily
usage - a one to two
child family lounge)